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Siobhàn has had the pleasure of co-ordinating the weddings of over 200 couples during her career. Here are just a selection of the positive comments she has received.

Siobhàn was instrumental in making our Big Day a day to remember! From the moment we met, she totally 'got' us and our vision. She was fantastic from start to finish. Her connections in the wedding industry are amazing - there was nothing she couldn't deliver, and no detail was too small. She is completely unflappable, too! Siobhàn was always one step ahead of us, handling every bump in the road so we could sit back and enjoy the ride. It speaks volumes that almost a decade on, we are still in touch. I can't recommend Siobhàn highly enough!

Corrie Butcher

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I had the great pleasure of working with Siobhàn on a wedding in Geneva, Switzerland a few years ago. There were lots of moving pieces, guests from all over the world and some very high expectations. Siobhàn handled everything in a timely and professional manner, and did so with grace! I highly recommend and hope we have the opportunity to work together in the future!

Robert Fowler

I just had to put pen to paper to say a big! big! thank you from all the family for the most amazing day. I could never have done it without you. I feel a great loss, one for no longer calling you every day (!) and second for your comfort and making me feel relaxed. I will always have you in my prayers and my heart, and thank you again.

Justine & Alex

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I thought I was organised until I met Siobhàn! She has a great quality of being super organised, forward thinking your moves, adaptability to your style of wedding and happy to use her contacts (and why wouldn't you as they are the best!) but equally happy to use yours and yet the whole time has this amazing calm aura about her that is most definitely needed on the day (if not for the Bride, the MofB and the MIL!) We had a few let downs on the morning of our wedding (I hasten to add that both these two suppliers were ones that I had sourced) and she fixed them without me even being aware there were issues. Help on the day I would say is as important as the planning. So that everyone, parents included, can really relax and enjoy the day, knowing that the day is in her safe hands.

Holly Bigmore

I just had to put pen to paper to say a big! big! thank you from all the family for the most amazing day. I could never have done it without you. I feel a great loss, one for no longer calling you every day (!) and second for your comfort and making me feel relaxed. I will always have you in my prayers and my heart, and thank you again.

Pauline Mascolo

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Having worked with Siobhàn on numerous weddings, at home and abroad, ( and advising on my own commitment ceremony) her attention to detail is second to none. Professional to the core with a can do attitude. Organised, polished, and certainly won't be disappointed with her knowledge, contacts and overall determination to make your wedding a roaring success......I can't think of a better person to trust with such an important occasion.

Mark Walker

Thank you so much for all your help and support! Thanks to you, I am actually feeling relaxed this week as I feel you have it all under control! I am so looking forward to the wedding day now! Thank you!

Tatiana & Davor

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Siobhàn was a huge help planning our wedding but also completely took control of everything on the day so that us and our families could relax and enjoy it all. I didn't realise what the value of having a wedding planner would be, but she was invaluable. Thanks Siobhàn.

Abbie Jackson

The country's best wedding planner! Siobhàn helped with all three of our children's weddings and they were all wonderful. Her attention to detail and knowledge of the industry is second to none. She was calm, unflappable and the best person to have around on the important day. We all had a great time working with her.

Gloria Jackson

I have had the pleasure of working with the lovely Siobhàn since 2005. She is so much more than a wedding planner, she goes above and beyond on all occasions. Her knowledge, attention to detail, and dedication are just amazing. She is a rarity and a diligent professional, from the little details to the overall picture she delivers with a calm and reassuring presence and a huge smile.

Kate Hughes

Our wedding could never have gone ahead within 6 months of getting engaged without Siobhàn organising it. She knew about all the things I would never have thought about and her attention to detail and knowledge was second to none. You get so much AND her great sense of humour!

Clare Gozzard

Has to be the BEST wedding planner in the Business. Every wedding is unique, stylish, calm and always ends in one hell of a party! No one does it better.

Julie Gray

We would just like to thank you once again for helping us to organise such an amazing wedding. Everything was perfect - thanks in no small way to your efforts.

Adam & Kwanpat

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We couldn't thank Siobhàn and her team enough for all they did for our wedding. Siobhàn's calming professional approach really took the stress from us and allowed us to really enjoy the day.

Jo & Adam

Thank you so much for orchestrating our wedding weekend - it went splendidly and we are so happy to have so many treasured memories.

Cleo and Christian

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You did an amazing job and were an absolute joy to work with. You made the day flawless and all the work that went into it look easy!

Debbie and Martin

Thank you again for helping to make our wedding magical.

Karina and Michael

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Your greatest attribute is that you were always there, in the background, making sure it all came together. Your professionalism and skills meant that all of us were able to enjoy every minute.

Abbie and Tom

We have been inundated with comments about how fantastic the wedding was - so thank you!

Angela and Justin

Thank you so much for making our day amazing. Everything was simply perfect. We couldn't have done it without you.

Barry and Chantal

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Oh, my goodness. I've dreamed of Corrie's wedding for 29 years, planned it for one year and lived it for three days, but nothing could have prepared me for the actual event. It was beyond our wildest dreams. And that is largely due to you. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all the hard work and effort you put into making this the wedding of the millennium.

Gloria Jackson

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Ever since we first met we got on famously and you definitely became, not only a friend, but someone who was with us every step of the way. We couldn't have done it without you or with so many laughs!

Steve and Andrea

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You have been simply amazing - we really would have been screwed without your help. You're a lovely lady and it's been a pleasure knowing and working with you.

Kate and Giles

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I cannot believe how calm and relaxed I was through all the planning and the day itself and that really was all down to you.

Laura and Maurice

Thank you for being simply you and for doing such a stunning job in organising our wedding - you're a star!


It really was the best day of our lives and every detail was perfect - it wouldn't have been possible without you.

Steve and Karen

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Thanks for your impeccable service and friendliness, you made my dream come true.

Shakila & K

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You really were magnificent and your attention to detail unrivalled.

Elaine & Scott

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We would have trusted nobody else but you with such an important day. Thank you for making it magical.


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You have been a star and I am so glad Holly & Joss chose you. My first job was to find the perfect wedding planner and I think I executed my duties perfectly.


We had such a fantastic wedding and really enjoyed every moment of it - this was all down to your superb organising.

Holly & Joss

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I had so much fun working with you. Thank you for turning all our ideas into reality and making things happen.

Fiona & Olivier

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We don't know how to sing your praises any more! Being a perfectionist myself, I knew you were the person for us as your attention to detail is up there with mine!

Charlotte & Richard

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You made the whole planning fun and interpreted what we wanted brilliantly. Every detail was perfect and you had great ideas.

Charlotte & Elco

We want to thank you for the fabulous job you did. It was inconceivable that it could have worked the same way without you. Sarah was so excited and relaxed as she knew you were in charge.


We can honestly say we couldn't have done it without your help and eternal patience. Thank you so much for your wonderful co-ordination and friendship over the last few months.

Sarah & Alan

We had the most fantastic day and we haven't been able to stop talking about it since! It was wonderful to see everything come together so beautifully, and we couldn't possibly have done it without your incredible calm, organisation and imagination.


It was such a special time and we really appreciated your professional attitude and warm spirit.


We want to thank you for your very personal and effective service, including the newspaper from our wedding day.


I can't thank you enough for taking away all the stress. It was wonderful to know that everything that had to be done was done.


James and I both agree that it was the most amazing day of our lives. It was just perfect.


I have extolled your virtues to many and would recommend your service without hesitation.


A thousand thank yous for exceeding all our expectations.


It was a truly wonderful day. Thank you for all the sterling work you did to make the day magical.

John & Clare

Thank you so much for making the best day of my life perfect.


Everyone has said it was the best wedding they had ever been to, which we both agree, Excellent work.


It really was a marvellous day; thank you for everything you did to make it happen so smoothly and stylishly.


I really would never have believed it was possible to have so much fun at your own wedding.


From day one of meeting you we were able to relax about our wedding and avoid all that pre-wedding stress we had heard horror stories about.

Anne Marie

Many thanks for all your help. We have had so many positive comments from our guests and we had a wonderful day.


We had such a fabulous day and know that it would not have been anywhere near as special without your enormous effort and detailed care.


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It was a dream come true and we wouldn't have been able to pull it off without you.


It sounds like such a cliché but it really was the perfect day. This was in no small part thanks to your efforts. We really did have a wonderful time and I didn't have anything to worry about the whole day.


We are so grateful for all your organising and help without which our wedding would not have been so enjoyable and fun for everybody. We really are ever so grateful to you. It's hard to put into words really.


I loved the day more than I ever imagined and a large part of the credit for this is due to you.


Many, many thanks for doing such a great job and always being very accommodating and calm!


You added so much fun, energy and experience into our wedding that we have had countless guests tell us how perfectly organised it was.


I was greatly impressed with your attention to detail and very pleased that you were able to get us so much within our budget restrictions. Wonderful moments that will last a lifetime made all the more special with your help.


I write this letter from our hotel room at Gatwick, en route to our honeymoon. It was a beautiful and truly magical day. You were and are wonderful.


Thanks for all your efforts in arranging our wedding. Everything went very well on the day. If anything too well as we don't seem to have any little atrocities to recall in future years and laugh about.


You are wonderful! Thank you so much.

Ronnie & Gerard

We never imagined it could be that good and that much fun!


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You are wonderful at what you do.


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